Brian Howell

Brian Howell was invented in 1979 in Germantown, Philadelphia. He soon grew into a boy and picked up the bass at 13. He attended the High School for Performing Arts and was forced to play the upright bass. He started working playing weddings to earn his keep in high school and studied with Dennis Sandole. In his last year there he attended the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts and landed a fairly steady gig playing "lead" bass in a quartet at Starbucks on South Street. He currently plays in the tri-state area as a workhorse-for-hire on the upright and electric bass. He mainly plays with jazz people who's names you'll never know because jazz isn't popular anymore. He currently drinks 40oz of coffee a day and weighs 210lbs. For fun, he likes to travel to Japan and sample the wide array of deep sea creatures.