Dennis Chiccino

Hi folks, glad you decided to check out my bio page. As you can see, my name is Dennis Chiccino. Back in the Spring of 2001, John Gebhart and I dreamed of forming a band that would contain all the best ingredients of all the bands in which we had played over the years. Now, since the Fall of 2002, we have seen our dream becoming a reality. Chico's Vibe is a fun, energetic and thoroughly entertaining band of which we are all very proud.

As for me, I'm a full-time musician, and I started my career in music years ago in the late 1970's. I played my first gig at the famous Main Point in Bryn Mawr with my very first band, Orpheus. Since then, I've played in many, many bands, most notably the Big Daddy Band and the John Hoey Orchestra as well as the duos Chico & Doc and Chico & Gebby. I've been lead singer and MC in each ensemble as well as rhythm and acoustic guitarist. As for my guitar work, I took my first lesson at the tender age of eight and continued studying well into my twenties. I've done a ton of studio work over the years, including voice-overs for radio and TV commercials, played in church groups, sang in choirs and even dabbled on the stage in a few shows. I've also been lucky enough to travel the world with my music, playing in places like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and all over the USA including California and Hawaii.

One other thing: I do have a B.A. in Literature with a Writing minor, so, I guess to those of you who know me, that will explain my penchant for the Daddy Diary!